Speed Recruiting!
Ditch the marketing calls--throw away the Prospect List, and learn the TOP THREE WAYS to Capture Their Attention
What if you sponsored more people from now until the end of the year than your entire career--and you did it differently than how you've been taught?
AND... what if it was THE GAME CHANGER that changed EVERYTHING?
Join me for the webinar to increase your recruiting results NOW!
Wednesday, March 21st
5:30 pm PT/6:30 pm MT/7:30 pm CT/8:30 pm ET
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During this webinar you'll learn how the Recruiting Pros have mastered a system to recruit, impact lives and develop ROCK STARS!

Here's what will be covered during our webinar:

How to create a RECRUITING EXPLOSION in 30 days. I'll share how my clients recruiting EXPLODED through the Speed Recruiting Model.

The five greatest questions to ask during a conversation that gains trust, expands their thinking and evokes their vision.

My blueprint for identifying key players, how to romance them and why your irresistible offer will have them say absolutely!

The five step process champion recruiters follow to engage others to join and launch their business successfully!
Does this sound like you?
What am I doing wrong? I am able to spark some interest with others but that’s about all. I can’t seem to get others to take action on joining the business. I can’t pinpoint what I need to do differently.
I’m not comfortable with the process! I want to get to the point where I’m confident with my approach, know how to share my business opportunity authentically and have a system on how to successfully launch my new reps.
How do the top achievers in the industry get tons of recruits? How are Steve's clients getting 40, 50 and 60 recruits a year? I’m ready to explode my recruiting results, build a strong organization and mentor others to create their own strong economy.
Life is crazy busy. I want to know how to consistently recruit others that want to work. Why is it that people start the business and then fizzle out within a few months? It’s so frustrating. How do you attract people that really want to experience success and are eager to take action?
Your email will never be sold or shared. Click here for Lifeline's Privacy Policy.