"10 Bookings in 10 Days"
Launching Your Greatest Spring EVER
Everyone that attends the webinar LIVE will receive the "10 Bookings in 10 Days" blueprint complimentary! No writing on this webinar--
kick back and enjoy the show!
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Is this you?

I feel like a telemarketer

I want to feel comfortable reaching out to others by phone, text and social media but I have a difficult time dealing with the rejection. HELP!

No one returns my calls

I want to know how successful direct sellers use social media to connect and engage others in hosting an extraordinary friends night out party.

I've run out of connections

How do other direct sales professional get leads and referrals and keep their calendar full?

I'm tired of cancellations

I want my parties to be so fun and my hostesses to be so engaged that canceling or rescheduling isn’t even an option.
What Will You Learn from "10 Bookings in 10 Days"

A proven system
that will attract ten hostesses to set a date for a party in ten days. After this training THEY’LL want to!

A follow up program
on how to attract ideal hostesses!

What prevents you
from taking action and the three specific changes you can make now that will increase your results tenfold!

The real reason
why you're not getting bookings. When you grasp this concept, everything will shift!

You'll learn an approach
that will naturally attract more opportunities than ever before. You’ll learn how hundreds of members in my Gold Program keep their calendars full!
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