Complimentary Webinar:

Simple Strategies to Creating Your Stellar Facebook Party

With Social Media Strategists and Success Trainers, Beth Reed & Kelly Van Balkom
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Beth Reed
Beth has combined her corporate design and technology background with her love for helping women succeed.

Beth is passionate about helping women see that they can have more, do more--and even BE more--through direct sales.

Meet the presenters:

Beth and Kelly have built multi-million dollar Direct Sales organizations through live and virtual events, online social sharing, and have developed numerous team members to prestigious leadership positions!

They now coach and train thousands in the Direct Sales Industry how to create their ideal online business! How do Beth and Kelly differentiate from most coaches and trainers? They've done it themselves--and they train what they've done successfully!

Kelly Van Balkom
Kelly is Social Media Strategist, Life Coach and Success Trainer.

Kelly's passion is helping women reach their full potential and have the life they always dreamed of.
Wanna know what you'll learn from our webinar?

Success Strategies to create an ideal 8-day Facebook Party and live Facebook parties that get results!

The single most important decision you MUST do in order to engage your hostesses guests to attend your Facebook Party.

The biggest mistakes most representatives make that cost them low Facebook Parties and cancellations!

Extraordinary posts that make the all the difference. YES, not all posts are created equal!

Branding yourself for trust and credibility!

How to host a Facebook Party that people are excited about attending and that encourages engagement from your guests to host!

The MUSTS of social media etiquette.

Two simple tips for using stellar follow up to leverage the leads from your party and ramp up your business results once the party is over.
Can't attend?
Reconsider opening your calendar! This webinar will set you up for high-end Facebook Parties, consistent summer income and extraordinary experiences that engage guests to book future Facebook Parties!
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