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Stellar Facebook Parties for Direct Sellers

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The top three people will win a “Business Growth Strategy Session” with Steve Wiltshire!
Prizes will be awarded to the top 10!

Contest Has Ended!
Congratulations to the Top 10 Winners:

Top 3 – “Business Growth Strategy Session” personal coaching
with Steve Q. Wiltshire.

Winner: Julie Freeman Fischer
Winner: Jeannie Sampley Isaacs
Winner: Carrie Douthit

Winners #4-7 – “Mastering the Art of Sharing Your Business Opportunity”
2 CD & Study Guide.

Winner: April Kline
Winner: Diane Duchesneau
Winner: Kristie Hess
Winner: Denise Petersen

Winners #8-10 = “Lifeline Access to Silver VIP Program”

Winner: Christine Berglund
Winner: Mathew Lewis
Winner: Kimberly Ruby Morral

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  • Please do not spam your friends, especially on Facebook.We have imposed daily ‘point’ caps to avoid that. It is very easy for someone to click ‘mark as spam’ and the entire contest will be blocked. Please don’t ruin it for others.
  • The top 10 persons will receive prizes… the top 3 will receive a coaching session with Steve personally. We reserve the right to award more prizes than 10… !
  • Every option (connecting social media accounts/sharing to social sites/clicks on the links, etc.) will rack points for you. There are caps on accruing points to avoid ‘oversharing’ for the sake of points. Note to clickbaiters: you only get 10 points (clicks) a day… so save your energy.
  • Don’t worry if points don’t show up right away–they are monitored through servers not connected to this site! If they don’t show up in 24 hours, contact
  • The contest ends on June 2nd (the day after the live event). You can check back here for the winners.

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